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The 2024 Corporate Event Planner Expo offers a unique platform for sponsors to directly engage with a concentrated audience of corporate event planners who are actively seeking innovative solutions + partnerships to enhance their events for work. By sponsoring our event, your brand will be positioned front + center among industry leaders + decision-makers, providing you with unparalleled exposure. Benefit from our tailored sponsorship packages to showcase your products and services, increase your brand awareness + establish your company as a thought leader for events for work.
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Thursday, July 16th
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Sponsor Segments

To get the most out of our event we are offering vendor segments. We want to make sure we do not overcrowd our attendees with options!
As a sponsor from the event food services sector, POPEVENT Unites offers you a prime platform to demonstrate how your catering solutions can elevate corporate events, making them more memorable and effective. Engage with event planners who are eager to discover and implement top-tier culinary experiences for their attendees.
Direct Engagement: Interact face-to-face with event planners who are specifically looking for new and reliable food service partners.
Brand Positioning: Position your brand as a leader in the event catering industry, showcasing your innovation and quality in front of a targeted audience of industry professionals.
As an experiential sponsor at POPEVENT Unites, your brand will be highlighted as a leader in creating memorable and impactful event experiences. This is your chance to showcase how your offerings can transform corporate events from ordinary to extraordinary, directly to those who are ready to invest in unique event solutions.
Interactive Engagement: Demonstrate your experiential solutions in real-time, allowing event planners to see the potential of your offerings firsthand.
Strategic Connections: Build meaningful relationships with event professionals who are specifically looking for unique and engaging event ideas and solutions.
As a sponsor from the event gifting segment, POPEVENT Unites offers you the perfect stage to showcase your unique gifting solutions to a targeted group of corporate event planners who are eager to enhance the attendee experience at their events. This is an ideal setting to demonstrate how your products can add value to corporate events and help planners leave a lasting impression on their clients and attendees.
Enhanced Visibility: Showcase your range of gift boxes and bespoke gifting solutions to a captive audience ready to invest in quality and creativity.
Direct Engagement: Interact firsthand with decision-makers looking to forge new partnerships and integrate unique gifting options into their event strategies.
Do you have a digital collaboration tool showcasing the latest AI or collaboration technology? Organizers are the lynch pin to corporate IT collaboration and planning systems.
Enhance Event Planning Efficiency: As a sponsor specializing in event collaboration tools, you will demonstrate to a tech-savvy audience how your platform can streamline their event planning processes, making it easier to manage tasks, teams, and timelines.
Showcase Advanced Features: Highlight how your tool can integrate with existing systems to improve communication and efficiency among event teams.
Live Demonstrations: Utilize the vendor showcase to provide live demonstrations, showing firsthand the impact of your tool on real-world event planning scenarios.